Why management/leadership support is most important to fast track your cloud adoption strategy?


Why management/ leadership support is most important to fast track your cloud adoption strategy?

  • 10th September 2021

Innovation cannot be fostered without an open mindset. This is what which differentiates great companies like FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) and others. Technology cannot be limited to a certain range. It needs to evolve, because the users are becoming smarter, intelligent and want something more which would add value in their lives. Leaders need to acknowledge this fact whether they like the change or not. They are mostly preoccupied with the traditional thinking and are skeptical to try new technologies which prevents the organization from advancing. When it comes to cloud the organizations hardly make use of technologies such as Serverless computing, IoT and machine learning. The main focus has always been on Networking, Storage and computing power which suggest that leaders want new capabilities in their organization but are hesitant to explore.

One of the main challenges which leaders face for their cloud adoption is security. According to a report from Netwrix, organizations have faced security related issues 3 times in the past year. Most of the incidents were related to Phishing attacks, ransomware and data leakage. This resulted in the loss of competitive advantage for the users along with rising spend in the cloud infrastructure. This directly affects the trust in leadership and decrease in sales for the company. These attacks can be identifies within minutes or hours but some can take several months to get detected. Implementers have responded that the reasons for these issues is pressure from upper management for rapid digitization which makes them neglect security related tasks. Lack of skilled staff is one of the major reasons for security breaches which suggests that organizations need to implement training and skill upgrading sessions throughout their organization. Challenges for different organizations can be different depending on the industry which they serve. For instance a small startup might have major concerns involving payment data and user credentials which involves managing application integration with proper mapping of data flow, lack of expertise while a big enterprise will have concerns regarding cloud infrastructure spend, data governance and security. In such situations, assessing the right need for the organization becomes important so that the resources can be optimally used which would yield maximum performance. This increases the importance of involvement of leaders with cloud teams and vendors which provide cloud services.

Considering all these points, we at YAN who specializes in cloud integration, make deliberate effort to implement the right strategy depending on the needs of the organization.