Skills and Workforce


Global Team

Our experience says

  • Our global team of experts work in cohesion which make sure right set of skills are available to tackle organizational and strategic challenges.
  • Diversity and inclusion has been a driving force for YAN using which knowledge is shared among different teams to achieve innovation.
  • Maintaining a global team has ensured only the best practices are implement in the organization which ensures maximum productivity.
  • We support global clients with the team we have with adequate knowledge, skill and talent by being an explorative, supportive, innovative and respectful workforce.

Other Skills and Workforce


Technology Stack

Our technology stack is flexible depending on the needs of the customer, consisting of services from cloud integration, IoT device mapping and support for web and mobile apps

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Adopting new things

We constantly look for new technology trends in the market and use it in our technology stack to deliver highest quality of business capability.

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As a people-oriented company, we foster a culture of continuous learning and self-development to constantly improve our talent management strategy.

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